release date: jul 19, 2017
developer: epic games
genre/type: battle royale, action, online


i play this game way too fucking much!!!! well ever since i made this neocities i've been playing less actually... but i do enjoy this game a lot! especially with friends. im pretty average btw. i should mention somewhere in the vgs page that i suck at video games tbh. but i have my fun!

been playing on & off since june 2018 with the introduction of chapter 1 season 5! honestly hate to admit it but i am very invested in the lore of this game.... for a while they threw marvel and dc stuff in there which i mostly ignore because i really dont care. the lore is very interesting for me!

i absolutely love some of the original skin designs of this game! they are so cool and inspiring to me. will probably make a tiny space for them here in the future

i made this edit of drift (kind of) dancing along side parsley onuma's corruption (vocaloid song) and i need it saved somewhere so its going here

fav skins

name pic why?
drift the skin that made me get into fortnite! i adore his design a lot tbh IDK. and also he's just interesting from a storyline stand point (though epic never did a lot with that LOL thanks epic....)
vivi chroma rainbow!!!! love her rainbow colors a lot and also her fit overall is just really cute!!!!
hime :3 i love her whole cat thing she has going on. and herbackbling is the CUTEST too. also first skin i ever bought (...)
catastrophe [soon tm] AGAIN... :3 the whole radioactive and cat thing is *muah* to me