the dog island

release date: oct 14, 2008
developer: yuke's
genre/type: adventure


i saw a screenshot of this game on twitter with a dog saying "i think i may have killed her" and that was enough for me to go through the trouble of downloading a ps2 emulator to play this game (actually it wasnt that hard and i have some links below if anyone also wants to check this game out!)

i am so so so in love with game so far tbh. i find the gameplay and art style so charming. the plot of this game is basically that my brother pup is fucking dying. and i must go on a adventure to find the cure so he can get better :) i chose to be a rottweiler cus they are one of my fav dog breeds. i love their lil eyebrows.

i've been having a lot of fun with this silly game and im very excited to keep playing it! [06.aug.23]

reference links

  • - ps2 emulator / ps2 bios
  • the dog island ISO / alt