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29.aug.23 - updated gaming log code so now pages look nice out of the iframe. and also the index page is now compatible for smaller screens!

28.aug.23 - joined pikring and psycho helmet webring!

25.aug.23 - diary logs are now journal logs :D

27.jul.23 - updated featured song & album in music page, new diary log

25.jul.23 - added a status.cafe feed to the diary index and some other small changes to it, fixed links and css in the blog index

23.jul.23 - diary log, updated bloodborne log

21.jul.23 - new cat of the week

20.jul.23 - new diary log

19.jul.23 - new about page is here!!!

17.jul.23 - updated links and credit page, added a webclap button to homepage, new diary log!

16.jul.23 - bloodborne gaming log has been updated

07.jul.23 - updated featured song & album in music page, cat of the week

27.jun.23 - updated some stuff on my music page and its seperate pages! most notably: fav albums, and fav artists

18.jun.23 - diary log

13.jun.23 - new featured song & album in music page!

03.jun.23 - diary log

30.may.23 - homepage updated with a cat of the week box, and separated webrings. if something looks wrong, clean your cache!

29.may.23 - added some font variety to homepage

28.may.23 - diary log, added more fonts

27.may.23 - updated the look of the gaming log, added a font section to my resources

26.may.23 - diary log, added a custom tooltip, so now when hovering over things you dont have to wait as long for the thing to show up

25.may.23 - diary log, moved chat to a hover box on the right! will be using that space for a featured page instead!

24.may.23 - diary log

22.may.23 - did some changed to the other pages section, its better organized now! new diary log

21.may.23 - new homepage is here!!! i archived the past one here! new diary log

19.may.23 - re-did art page!!! new diary log, changed a bit my about me!

16.may.23 - new diary log, re-did others section

15.may.23 - re-did diary logs page! new diary log

13.may.23 - updated vgs page css

12.may.23 - new diary log, re-did music and vgs pages

10.may.23 - re-did about page

09.may.23 - re-did landing page! new diary log

08.may.23 - diary log, updated a video game entry

02.may.23 - diary log, added a change log box to the video games page so you can see which specific games i've added or updated!

02.may.23 - diary log, added calendar to sidebar, added cute pixels to diary log pages!

01.may.23 - diary log, changed fav albums to an iframe in the music page, noticed the zoom in js was missing in the art gallery page. sorry abt that!

30.apr.23 - diary log, and more info iframes to the video games page!

29.apr.23 - diary log, created archive page for changelog and recently added! getting the hang of iframes

28.apr.23 - new webring: vocaloid webring!

27.apr.23 - added new diary log, new webring: wiiwing!, time and date iframe for sidebar, guestbook link

25.apr.23 - changed music player to draggable box, added new diary entry

24.apr.23 - added diary log, made the mc cat plush draggable in this page! give him a walk :)

23.apr.23 - added contact email to about page, status.cafe embed, new diary log, landing page

22.apr.23 - moved wrapper on all pages a bit to the left so ppl with smaller screens can have a easier time navigating the website

20.apr.23 - added new log entry, been working on my art section, changed the line height (paragraphs should be more readable now... i was having problems reading them )

18.apr.23 - added new log entry, added new music player w/ skip and prev buttons on the sidebar (code credit), added neko code, updated about, finished the website's banner!

17.apr.23 - re-did music page, theres more space now and its easier to navigate! added new entry to logs, logs are now seperated w/ margins! cleaning up pages

16.apr.23 - moved stamps to sidebar js, made some new siinamota stamps and added them, updated april log

15.apr.23 - updated credit page, added a space for mutuals, added stamps and blinkies to page, moved featured song & album to music section

14.apr.23 - sidebar is now the same in all the pages using a js template code! (I FIGURED IT OUT)

13.apr.23 - added a log section for me to talk about whatever

12.apr.23 - i finished the layout of the site! added a chatbot.

11.apr.23 - website created!