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i like making playlists


this is my main spotify playlist! it has every single song that i love to this date. i made this playlist during 2016 and its really fun to see how my music taste has evolved throughout the years by looking at this playlist. its kinda like a memory box

this one is for songs that make me feel things. mostly songs that make be hmmmm like but you know, sometimes i am having the worst day ever or i am in a horrible mood, and i put on this playlist and i just get a little bit of relief

genres / subgenres favs

kpop - every single kpop song i like. this is another playlist that has had a very interesting evolution throughout the years

highlights rollercoaster - txt secret tape - sunmi neon - yukika drunk dazed - enhypen stone heart - taemin

drum n bass / breakbeat - i NEED to get more into DNB i really love this genre a lot so if anyone has some recs pls let me know!

highlights lost & found - siinamota dorothy - sulli habitual crush - c418 break it off - pinkpantheress

OSTs - i love me some soundtracks. i really enjoy listening to soundtracks.

highlights asgore - toby fox let mom sleep - hideki naganuma serenity - capcom sound team where are you?! - 2 mello cyber space 2-1:slice & sway - tomoya ohtani milkyway (explore) - ben prunty

k-indie - so much cool stuff in here. one of my fav playlists!! if anyone wants to explore more of the indie music scene of korea, i really recommend checking out koreanindie.com! that website has helped me discover a ton of amazing korean artists outside of kpop

highlights a joke - TRPP expose - bomul small death - meaningful stone dazed - aseul

shoegaze / dreampop - LOVE but LOVEEE shoegaze and dreampop so much. i cant even tell you which one of the two (they have their key differences but i still prefer to have them in the same playlist pls understand) i prefer the most. sometimes im in the mood to just fill my head with those fuzzy guitar sounds at full volume and sometimes i just wanna lie down and listen to some relaxing dreampop sounds.

highlights PPP - beach house ghost - kinoue64 dodgy - TRPP error - plastic girl in closet

jrock - i need to add more stuff to this one also feel free to send me more jrock stuff

highlights 錠剤 - tooboe kick back - kenshi yonezu 千客万来 - daoko, miyavi 残機 - zutomayo

house kpop - these type of songs are my favorites when it comes to kpop. i really enjoy these future house / deep house / 2-step beats. and need to search more music in these genres outside of kpop. but for now this will do

highlights sun or suck - woodz 2 fast - superm runaway - ONF shift - shinee

jpop - this isnt extrictly jpop, but its mostly jpop

highlights polygon wave - perfume after pain - mu (milgram)

electronic - vibes are everywhere in here given how broad electronic music is... but i quite like the chaos of this one

highlights showdown - F.O.O.L. worries - kirara 7villaz - drippin russian - caravan palace heartbreakers - savant

vocaloid - one of my fav playlists. i might make a page talking about The Vocaloid Songs that really solidified my interest in the "genre". maybe in the future. cover img is by my friend @sdfhgg_ on twitter!

highlights sky fish - siinamota corruption - parsley onuma dogdog - abu-se-ken charles - balloon always in a dream - kinoue64 マトリョシカ (matryoshka) - hachi

indie - classics of my high school era

highlights sky fish - siinamota soft shock - yeah yeah yeahs washing machine heart - mitski lost it to trying - son lux i love you so - the walters

by year

every song ive ever heard and liked on that year i love making these playlists. yet another way of seeing the evolution of what i listen to

yearly playlists