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i change these up like every once in a while take these as recomendations and also as stuff im currently listening to

16.aug.23 - ? : dorothy / se bueno

i've been thinking a lot about this song lately. the drum n bass in the 2nd half makes me so emotional for some reason ?!?!? and it has made think "why is that?" and boy do i wish i had the words to describe it. i just feel like the breakbeat part of this song elevates it so much, it adds so much to it. from the sad piano, and bittersweet singing, i think its such a lovely touch. links: youtube

and talking about breakbeats!!! i recently listened to this album. and wow was this so so so cool. i've been looking for more drum n bass music lately and the album cover of this catched my attention. links: bandcamp / youtube

more thoughts will be on this month's listening log soon! you can read more of my thoughts on this album here!

27.jul.23 - 16.aug.23 : abon / end of the world
07.jul.23 - 27.jul.23 : outro blue bird / (1)
13.jun.23 - 07.jul.23 : across the spiderverse (start a band) / eye cue rew see (remake)
28.may.23 - 13.jun.23 : kontemonia / sherlock
14.may.23 - 28.may.23 : i feel love / celeste ost
1.may.23 - 14.may.23 : 千客万来 / ghost
20.apr.23 - 1.may.23 : stone heart / funeral
12.apr.23 - 20.apr.23 : expose / i am not shinzo abe