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i love music

hai. as you can see i love listening to music. especially songs and albums. in here you will find a variety of pages related to the music that i love and listen to!

feel free to send me a recommendation through e-mail!!! i will gladly listen to it since i love discovering new music albums and EPs preferred!

page descriptions

monthly listening logs - sometimes i feel like writing my thoughts on stuff i listen to! these will usually be first time listens but i will mention if it isnt otherwise. a more fleshed out version of my RYM yearly logs

yearly summaries - end of the year recaps showcasing my fav songs and albums released that year and other stuff :3

playlists - a little page dedicated to the different playlists that i have on spotify! i also give my own highlights of the songs in said playlists

album shelf ^-^

i love owning the music that i listen to and being able to hold it and look at the booklet as i listen to the disc. yay!

click on the pic to go to my cd collection!

other info

i run the siinamota song bot on twitter! if you're into vocaloid, i recommend checking out siinamota's stuff! i have a siinamota guide on notion where you can learn more about him and his music! (while i get his shrine ready...)

some dates i need to organize: been into kpop since 2019, got into vocaloid in 2022, met yukika 16.feb.22, went to my first concert! oneus 7.feb.23,


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    i'm pretty active in rate your music and it is the main way i log in my music so feel free to follow me over there! im also at last.fm and spotify