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  • 『オカワリヲドーゾ』 - UROMT
  • loossemble - loossemble
  • resistance & the blessing - world's end girlfriend
  • 放課後の芸術部 - kinoue64
  • internet yamero - aiobahn
  • inferno - yeule
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  • resistance & the blessing - world's end girlfriend
  • loossemble's self titled EP
  • softscars - yeule
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    bg from UROMT's 『オカワリヲドーゾ』 PV. art by HuMuu

    september 2023 listening log

    『オカワリヲドーゾ』 - UROMT

    type: cover

    genres: j-rock

    date released: 20 august 2023

    i recently found out about this duo through their cover of 少女A by siinamota. i really like both of their voices but i never really bothered to look more into them D:

    BUT THAT HAS CHANGED since then because i also found out they did another siinamota cover recently! this one is from highcolor_sunz which is from one of siinamota's side projects

    and again, i just love their voices and covers a lot.... i'm not exactly sure what it is that attracts me to them besides that i just think they sound very very nice. i've never been much of a person to listen to covers of songs i already know and love. but i've been really enjoying their covers lately. hopefully i'll dive more into each of their works one day!


    listened on 24.sep.23, published 26.sep.23

    loossemble - loossemble

    type: EP

    genres: kpop, dancepop

    date released: 15 september 2023

    you guys... okay let me start this with me saying that this group has my favorite loona members when it comes to their vocals.
    all of the girls here have such a distint voice among them, it is very easy for me to distinguish them from one another. and as i've mentioned, i just LOVE their voices so much!!!

    and i am so happy they are all in their own little group now because most of them you barely even heard them sing AT ALL when they were in loona because of the line distributions. and it always pissed me off so much because all i wanted to do is hear vivi or gowon sing but NO. bbc also hated me a lot too...

    so yes!!! it is safe to say that i was Very but VERY excited for this to drop. and it did! and.......

    from first listen, i did enjoy the EP, but man? hmm.
    maybe this is just me being picky LOL but while i LOVED hearing my girls singing, the songs itself did not do much to me if i am being honest.

    i think its just okay! an okay release. as i'm listening to it again for the 10th time so i can write this, i def say that i enjoy it a bit more now compared to my first listen. but still. i really don't think much of these songs except that they are Just Nice.

    it's an enjoyable listen but i feel like nothing Really got to me as i was expecting it to be... you know what? maybe that's on me

    the title track while def very catchy, i actually prefer some of the bsides on here over it such as newtopia and coloring

    highlights: newtopia, coloring


    listened on 15.sep.23, published 26.sep.23

    resistance & the blessing - world's end girlfriend

    type: album

    genres: post rock, modern classical, experimental rock

    date released: 9 september 2023

    this was super super cool. i really like albums like these. i really enjoyed the songs that were actual songs. i can appreciate the interludes for what they are but Some of them felt a bit... unnecesary? hmm idk i just wasn't feeling most of them

    i would love to revisit this album with eng translations of what the interludes are saying though. im very curious at to what they are saying!!! i feel like i am missing parts of the story that this album is trying to tell me. but for what it is i do appreciate it nonetheless.

    out of all of the songs here i think my fav might be IN THE NAME OF LOVE. i love the tiny sec miku was used in this this.

    and i DIDNT KNOW world's end girlfriend had done a song with miku before ?!?!?!?! so hearing RENDERING THE TWO SOULS was kinda my jaw drop moment cus i didnt expect miku to appear here. i initially thought the tiny sec of miku in the earlier song was me going crazy or something

    i listened to MEGURI earlier this july and WOW. that song is still breathtaking. another highlight of this release.

    overall it was a very awesome experience butttttt i feel like it didn't really get to me as i was expecting..... hmmm

    highlights: IN THE NAME OF LOVE, MEGURI, unEpilogue JUBILEE, Eve, himitsu


    listened on 09.sep.23, published 15.sep.23

    放課後の芸術部 - kinoue64

    type: album

    genres: shoegaze, indie rock

    date released: 8 september 2023

    the excitement i got when i saw that kinoue64 released a new album i saw yesterday that he was going to release an album but i didn't know it was going to be today!!

    i did enjoy this a normal amount! its pretty much more mikugaze, which i always welcome to my playlists with open arms. but its not something we haven't heard from him.

    i do think that this album has a bit more of a indie rock edge to it than previous releases.

    as i said before, i found most songs to be pretty enjoyable to listen to. i love kinoue64's music and style afterall. but there were only a few ones like 焦燥, and 放課後の芸術部 that Really caught my attention as i was listening. but damn, are they pretty good as well!!

    i love love love how 吐く sounds and it is another highlight of this album for me. but i couldnt help but feel a bit disappointed by its short track time and it feels more like a short snippet / demo of a song rather than a full one. i really like it nonetheless but i wish there was more to this one!

    this release as a whole will probably grow on me the more i revisit and listen to it. but for now those are my thoughts. a pretty enjoyable but okay kinoue64 release. still, i'm glad we got a new album from one of my favorite producers. enjoy some mikugaze everyone!

    highlights: 焦燥, 放課後の芸術部, 言葉, 吐く


    listened on 08.sep.23

    internet yamero - aiobahn, kotoko, nyalra

    type: video game ost... single?

    genres: danpa, hardstyle, synthpop

    date released: 17 march 2023

    a remake from the 2021 song internet overdose! i actually bought the game this is from a few months ago and it was pretty fun! but since this is a remake, i never knew it existed til a few days ago when it randomly appeared on my spotify recommended. and just wow?!?!?

    honestly i am pretty surprised that i like this bc i feel like normally i wouldn't be into this. i think its pretty clever given the plot of the game with the cutesy :3 style and then switching it up to the hardstyle. and its very fun as well. pleasant surprise!!! def way better than the original theme.

    i kind of have it on repeat now, this is very addictive LOL


    listened on 04.sep.23

    inferno - yeule

    type: single

    genres: glitch pop, ambient house

    date released: 31 august 2023

    what a beautiful song this is. i love the intro a whole lot! the strings with the glitched out vocals... just *kisses*

    seriously need this album right now!!!! i think im gonna love it just as much as i've loved all the singles that yeule has put out so far. GAHHH so gorgeous. i really cant wait for the full album


    listened on 02.sep.23

    some great stuff coming in this month!!!!! holy moly im so excited