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  • 溢れてる (overflow) - kinoue64
  • エレクトロ・ワールド(electro world) - perfume
  • 3年C組14番窪園チヨコの入閣 - siinamota
  • dazed - aseul
  • ましろの色 (mashiro no iro) - siinamota
  • 亡霊 (ghost) - kinoue64
  • welcome to my site!

    my name is des and this is my little corner on the internet where i get to have fun and be silly :p its nice to meet you!

    whats about?

    in here you will see bits from my personal life and my interests! i also just love the process of building my own site. you can read more about the webmaster and site here ~ i hope you enjoy your stay

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  • coded in firefox, and tested on chrome. when im not lazy
  • not mobile friendly (and i do not have any plans for it in the future ) except for the safe spot page
  • recommended to clean your cache every once in a while since i update this website all the time and that can mess around with it

    why "doqmeat"?

    doqmeat is the name of most of my socials, and gamer tags. its a reference to fallout's dogmeat!

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  • 26.sep.23 - masaaki yuasa watchlist + cat of the week + listening log
  • 23.sep.23 - journal log
  • 18.sep.23 - journal log + added piclog widget to "currently" box
  • 15.sep.23 - finished mail stamps CSS! and added new stamps as well
  • 14.sep.23 - journal log + bloodborne log + listening log
  • 13.sep.23 - made a F2U notebook template!
  • 12.sep.23 - new blog post about my history with vocaloid!
  • 10.sep.23 - added a nostalgia and dislikes window to about page! + redid my about paragraphs so it has a better structure now
  • 08.sep.23 - listening log: new kinoue64 album!
  • 05.sep.23 - new page masaaki yuasa watchlist
  • 04.sep.23 - updated gaming log, listening log
  • 03.sep.23 - journal log
  • 02.sep.23 - journal log, listening log
  • 29.aug.23 - listening log big update! 5 new entries, new journal log
  • 28.aug.23 - joined pikring, and psycho helmet webring!
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