fast food worker hello kitty


guys i have not opened clip studio paint in like 6 months....
i've been wanting to draw so badly lately but i just have been so unmotivated

today in particular i was just feeling very anxious. but i remember seeing this pic of a hello kitty plush with a mcdonals uniform and i fell so in love with it.

so i decided to doodle her!!!! like i didnt have anything in mind for her but i was just feeling so horrible that i thought that maybe drawing this silly ass hello kitty toy would help me calm down. and i will be honest. it really did calm me down.

i guess that i eventually got really focused in the drawing that i just forgot i was feeling anxious (over nothing btw idk whats happening) in the first place

hello kitty is so adorable and wholesome to me. i think she would be the happiest fast food worker in the world. anyway thank you hello kitty