22.jul.23 edit: i will be redoing this page sometime in the future :)

des' art corner

this is a silly hobby of mine that i've picked up since i was 13 years old. i dont really have OCs so most of my art is fanart of media i love. i started out with tradional media. on march 2022 i got a laptop with a stylus and touchscreen and thats how i do my digital drawings. also LOVE using watercolor so much.

i only draw whenever my brain lets me (2 times every 5 months or so) because of this i rarely draw at times despite being a hobby i like

i'll sometimes be making posts about the art that i make where i talk more about them. my latest artwork will always be displayed on refresh in the iframe! -->

this page is image heavy so if stuff seems to be missing just reload the page and/or iframe!

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and im anti AI art!!!!! fuck AI art!!! draw it yourself even if it looks ugly as hell!!!!!


illustrations aka the good stuff

fanart of ateez' san
fanart of siinamota's dream inside a dream
fanart of siinamota's halo
fanart of if found...
one of my many pandoras
hyper light drifter fanart for its 6th anniversary
page with a ton of inked doodles
inspired by gowon's music video: one & only
watercolor illustration inspired by siinamota's sepia record album and it's song sky fish
the little prince fanart done on my journal
watercolor the little prince


redraw of a pic taken by mu_gung on insta
one of my many pandoras
redraw of a pic taken by mu_gung on insta
doodle of pahwah (power) from chainsaw man :3
one of my many pandoras
im not really sure what this is. i like minecraft and mushrooms
sketch of kpop group orange caramel
drippin's junho

journal collages

lucy's blue EP inclusions
pretty sure this was done bc i found those tulips in a magazine
instax pics of mizu (my cat!!)
collage made for yukika's fancall in which i got to show it to her!
loona's olivia hye. inspired by her music video egoist
done with 12:00 album inclusions
done with printed illustrations of siinamota's ikiru booklet


custom lyric booklet i did for beach house' depression cherry. example 1
custom lyric booklet i did for beach house' depression cherry. example 2