my name's des ! :1: any pronouns are good for me :1: 23 :1: bisexual (taken) :1: spanish and english speaker :1: puerto rican :1: full time cat lover


video games :4: average music enjoyer (kpop, dnb, osts, jpop, shoegaze) :4: visual arts :4: coding html & css :4: silly animals :4: horror


i have a website that i am very passionate about in here i mostly write bits and pieces about my life and interests. not mobile friendly but visitors are very welcome! you can find it @

other socials

:2: twitter :2: siinamota song bot :2: tumblr :2: letterboxd :2: :2: rate your music :2: steam


:3: discord: doqmeat
:3: contact e-mail:


basiic font :5: pen letter P font :5: tiled bg :5: sakura branch pixel by pixelins