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  • hello everyone! i go by des and i am the webmaster of this site! i'm 23 year olds from a small island called puerto rico. i've lived here pretty much my entire life. gender is something i don't really care much about these days but i am nonbinary and go by any pronouns.

    i find it extremely difficult to write about who i am. i'm not sure why. i would say i know myself pretty well. but when comes to things like this, i am pretty horrible at it. hopefully you can get an idea of who i am by exploring my site, which i pour a lot of myself and love into

    one day i stumbled upon hunipyon's site and i just fell in love with the concept of having my very own site i can customize however the hell i want and put whatever i want in it. the possibilities are truly endless!

    so i took it upon myself to learn html and css. it was pretty tricky the first few months. and i still have much to learn. but i am confident enough in my coding skills where i can imagine how i want a page and build it from scratch. which is certainly a new hobby i've picked up from making my own site! i have fallen in love with the process of making new pages and decorating them to my liking. i find it very entertaining and fun to do.

    i like keeping track of things and talking about i love (or hate). these are pretty much the foundations that my site is built upon.

    so think of my website as a digital journal. i will share bits and pieces of my personal life, interests, passions, and even creations. my goal is simply to have a place on the internet where i can freely be myself without the chaos and limitations of social media. and to have fun, of course :3 i wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't fun for me.

    with all that said, i am pretty friendly and love to interact with other people. feel free to e-mail me at doqmeat@gmail.com about whatever, really! whether it be to tell me about what you thought about my site, to send me pictures of your cats, recommend me an album you think i might like, or even ask any coding related questions you might have. anything goes, thank you very much for reading.